Wednesday, December 27, 2017

5 Health Benefits of Drinking White Wine

By Andrew Stratton

 It is common knowledge that a glass of wine a day has many health benefits. However, it was always assumed that was attributed to reds only. But studies indicate that white wine has many of the same properties.


It has been suggested that heart-healthy benefits come from the compounds found in the skins, which is what gives reds their color. These skins are separated out during the making of white wine. This process is what lead most to researchers to believe that the reds were the only ones with the heart-healthy benefits.

 In the last ten years, however, research has indicated that the pulp of the grapes have many of the same antioxidants as the skin. As the pulp is obviously not separated out during the process. However, it is important to note that while there have been improvements in heart functions for white wine drinkers, it is not to the same degree as those who enjoy reds.

 Disease Prevention

 In the past, reds were also believed to have disease prevention qualities that white wine had lost. Thanks to the antioxidants being found within the pulp of the grape and not the skin, these prevention qualities are also found in the lighter drinks. These drinks contain the properties for lung disease prevention and even breast cancer.

Less Severe Hangover

One of the byproducts of fermentation is the hangover, an effect caused by chemicals called congeners. Congeners are also responsible for the color, aroma, and taste in an alcoholic beverage. Darker beverages tend to have a higher concentration of these chemicals. White wines are lighter in color and have a lower amount of congeners than red wines, which are deeper in hue. While you can still suffer from a hangover if you consume copious amounts, white wines are less severe than if you were to drink an entire bottle of a darker option.

Improved Glucose Control

Wines are full of sugar, especially sweet varieties. Despite the excess sugar, studies conducted by the European Society of Cardiology show that those who regularly consume a single glass or two each day have better control of their glucose. For those who have well-controlled diabetes, adding a glass a night can be part of a healthy diet.

Improved Sleep

Those who have problems sleeping might skip the medication and choose a glass of white wine instead. The studies performed by the European Society of Cardiology show that one or two glasses at the end of the night might actually improve your sleep. This is because the alcohol content is a depressant, slowing your system down and helping you to relax. The important thing to remember is not to drink too much. This will keep you from waking with a hangover.

When consumed in moderation, white wine has many of the same health benefits as reds. There is no reason to think of this drink as your "guilty pleasure" anymore, as long as you don't over do it.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Follow up after a sale

One nice way to keep your customers comming back is to follow up on their order.

A quick email thanking them for the order and wishing them well is always appreciated. We thank our customers and tell them to use the product in good health. Nothing nicer than that.

If you don't sell on line, a quick thank you note via snail mail is also very appreciated. It lets your customers and clients know that they are appreciated. Try it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stay in touch

I travel often and sometimes am concerned about running my business. I have a neighbor who is an attorney, she travels more than I do. She once told me, "As long as you answer your phone, people don't care where you are."

She's right. Also, as long as you answer your email people don't care where you are. They just don't want to be ignored. That's the best way to run your business.

With iPhones and Blackberry's and all sorts of wireless computers and networks, it is so easy to run a business well. Gone are the days where you need to put an autoresponder on your email telling people you will be in touch in a week when you get back from vacation.

I am not suggesting you give up your whole holiday to answer emails, but it is a good idea to keep up with them more frequently than not. Keep your customers happy, they will keep coming back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Post your "privacy policy" on your website

Is your privacy policy posted on your website? It should be.

People are concerned about simple things like their email addresses remaining private. Post this on your website. Tell people that their email addresses and all personal information, for that matter, are safe with you.

Post on your website that all of their personal information is only used by you to contact them while doing business and that it will never be used or sold for any other purposes. It's an important thing to do, it eases peoples' minds and allows them to feel safe while doing business with you.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Want more business? Hand out your business card

Have you given your business card out today? If so, to how many people?

This simple little thing can bring you more business. Be proud, hand your card out every day. Each time you meet someone new, hand them a card. In most cases, people feel proud to accept the card, they feel that you are giving them something special -- all of your personal information -- your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

In reality you are handing them an advertisement for yourself and your business. Something they will keep.

Try handing out business cards every day. Don't let them sit in the box.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Free advertising on Craigslist

A great place to place free advertising is Craig's list at .

Try new products there, see if they draw any interest. It won't cost you anything.

Keep in mind that placing one ad per day in any category is the way to go. Doing more than that will be considered spamming and is not a good thing.

Choose your product or service (I have a friend who does pet sitting and does incredibly well on Craigs's list), choose your city and place your ad. The results should come pouring in.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calendars are the most economical form of advertising

One of the best ways to have your advertising seen 365 days a year is by using calendar advertising.

Calendar advertising has been common for over 100 years. It works and that's why it's still around.Look around your office or home, you probably have at least one calendar from your church, pharmacy, accountant, etc. This low cost yearly gift is appreciated by everyone, it is used by everyone and your own advertising message and name are prominent to anyone who sees the calendar.

Calendars come in many styles -- wall, desk, magnetic, even daily planners and journal-styles. They are very economical, basically costing you pennies a day to have your message blasted to anyone who looks at the calendar, plus the good will for giving out this wonderful gift will come back to you in business.

Check out the whole 2008 calendar line. Add your logo, name, address, slogan, whatever you want at no additional cost. Shipping is free, too. You can't beat this! Check 'em out here.